Stuff I do

I guess it’s about time I updated this! As I have said time and time again, I am very busy all the time however I lost my full time job in March of 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This extra time has given me the time spend with my family! I am always a mom, wife, and pet mom first! When one opportunity closes, thousands open!

  • Virtual Assistance Services- I am in the very beginning stages of starting up my VA Services side business. I have my first client and get started this week actually! It will take some time but eventually I’d like this to be either my main source of income or supplemental income when the real estate market is slow. I offer at the moment (soon to expand): Social Media Management, Inbox management, appointment setting if needed, and any admin duties.
  • Texas Real Estate License – I am working on getting my real estate license. I just have to take the test and then I am licensed! I can now work as a real estate transaction coordinator or agent. My possibilities are endless!
  • Refurbish Furniture – In my very spare time I do update or redo furniture. I haven’t done a piece this year but my husband also builds furniture. I’d love for him to make this is side gig for when he retires. I am going to create a whole page dedicated to the furniture we’ve redone and built.
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