Friendships; or Lack of.

I know it’s been a minute since my last blog but I did not want to be made to feel like this my job and more of a hobby. I actually had some free time to dedicate to my beautiful blog spilling out what’s on my mind at this moment. Friendships. That word in itself is exhausting. This week prove that. I have, every since I can remember, always considered people I meet for the first time a friend. Even till this day when I talk about people at work to my husband, I refer to them as my friend instead of my coworker. This in my opinion is a flaw that I have.  I consciously have to make sure I refer to my coworkers as my coworkers until I know I can trust them. I typically do not let people in on my personal life very easily so if I do that means you are one special person. There some details about me that not even my closest friends know nor will they ever. The reason? It will not make our friendship any better therefore there’s no reason to tell. However, we are not truly friends until it’s Facebook official (Totally kidding about this).

So why the title then? Well lately I’ve been super over the top busy. So much so that I can’t even call and talk to my mom once a week. To me my time is valuable and my family will always get my free time. I do try and make time with those that I consider my friends but it’s been tougher these days. The one time I had to spend time with a friend yesterday got canceled because my son got sick. Of course I felt awful about canceling but also concerned about my son getting sick out of the blue. I know that this friend feels that I have rescheduled one too many times but this is the nature of being a busy mom.

In addition to the events that did not play yesterday, I had to finally tell someone I could not go to a concert that we have been planning for months to go to. Yes money was the one of the reasons but  the concert also happened to land on my son’s birthday weekend. The closer it has come time to purchase the tickets the more I felt that it would not be fair to my son if I went. Like I have said over and over again, I work so hard to help provide for my family and any extra time I have is devoted to them.

One of the friends understood and the other one I could tell was not happy. This got me thinking about the time and energy that people do put into friendships and if I am different from the norm. I am a firm believer of making time for the things you want to do and lately I have wanted to work on my business and spend time with my family. Maybe I am just not friend material. Maybe at this moment in life my focus needs to be on my family and my career. I have only had one best friend and we still talk sometimes through Facebook but other than that I do not have anyone I talk to regularly about my life, what I am doing or how I am doing. Are friendships really needed? I guess at this time in my life no I do not have a need for friends or any relationship that does not directly involve my family. If I do have them great! I am perfectly okay with the fact that I do not have a need for it and everyone else needs to be as well.

On that note here is what I have been working on and I actually have been very successful at it! I am about to create a business page called Cats N Coffee for my succulent side gig! I am very excited about this. Along with my virtual assistance business which I am now starting over again, I stay pretty busy. I will have my real estate license by the end of the year to start 2019 out with a bang! If interested and you are local to the Dallas Area, ask me how you can own a cute succulent!

That’s all for now!