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Time for Everything

It is amazing how a week goes by at lightening speed sometimes. I have had every intention on updating my blog this week and well here we are; it is Sunday. I did mange to find time to update my welcome page (YAY for small victories!) and I jotted down topics for blogs which I cannot wait to write about. However, I had planned on doing more. As I mentioned in my first blog, I am busy ALL THE TIME. This is however by choice as I cannot sit still for just one moment. I am working on getting better about scheduling my days out -Thank you Happy Planner!- but even when I do, I run out of time and don’t accomplish all my to-dos. Believe it or not these small task keep me up at night when I do not check or cross them off my long laundry list of responsibilities that majority of the time I put on myself. No one tells me I have to finish the list. No one tells me I will be reprimanded if I leave one or two unchecked. No one but me.

With all that being said, I have had to start also scheduling time for just myself outside my Happy Planner. So that is what I did today. Nothing else matters but me right now. I hate feeling obligated to complete list and task when A. Nobody notices and B. when I am the only one I feel benefits from it. So I have to make sure that I make time for me because at this moment I am the most important person to myself.

In the upcoming weeks, I plan on updating more frequently and really get in the habit of taking time out for me. It’s hard when you have a family who depends on you all the time for almost everything but I know this is something I have to do. If I do not, things will be miserable for everyone.

Until next time!