Football is Over

The good thing about a blog is that you can update however often you like. Downfall is spending money and not utilizing it. Oh well; Once Fall hits I am nonexistent and football is mostly to blame. I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and honestly wasn’t expecting them to take it to the post season this year. I even put off taking my Christmas decorations down because I had to watch every game to see who our next opponent was. Football takes up a lot of time. It’s by far my favorite past times and every minute spent for me anyways, is not a waste.

So here we are; post season and my team is done for the year. I am also a KC fan due to Mahomes coming from Texas Tech but I won’t rearrange my entire weekend for him like I do my Cowboys. Maybe if he continues to go on and do great things but for now he’s got to earn the right for me to do that. With all that being said, I now have free time on my hands once again. Man Aug seemed like it was ages ago but time sure does fly when you are having fun.

So other than football, what else have I been doing? Good question! I scrapped the virtual assistant gig for now. I was having a hard time keeping up and working full time. Once I finish getting my real estate license, I can start the VA business back up again as a back. Yes I have taken my sweet time getting my license. I have 4 books left a book test to schedule and study for. I am and always will be the world’s worst procrastinator. I however do thrive off getting my obligations done last minute but I am constantly stressed and have no one to blame but myself. I even stressed getting my blog updated but kept putting it off because, well I have no idea why.

My succulent business has gained traction but is currently at a standstill. This too is something that I haven’t put much effort into since Nov because I got busy. However I plan on starting it up again and even have repeat customers. It is getting harder to sell though because I love them all and don’t want to just give them to anyone. I just need to start fresh.

We did some traveling the last part of the year. We went home in Aug to visit family. My husband and I went to FL at the end of Oct for a get away trip. My son and I went back home for Christmas and stayed 5 days (longest I’ve stayed) to make sure we saw everyone. My dad came to visit twice in Oct; at the beginning of Oct. for a Cowboy game and at the end of Oct to be with my stepmom who watched the kids while we were in FL. I am now trying to plan a family vacation in Aug for ALL the family (that’s about 9 families total) and I am already needing a vacation!

Lastly, Fall and winter is just a busy time for everyone. My husband’s birthday is in Aug. Mine and my son’s is in Oct. My daughter’s is in Dec. Then you sprinkle all the holidays and events that go on this time of year and before you know 3 months of your life has flown by.

So there it is. A quick update from me and more to come more often. I am currently restricting or watching how often I am on social media because my house now needs some love and attention. I will find more time though to update my blog even if no one reads it. This is a journal for me really but I welcome all those that do take the time to read! Thank you!




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